495/MetroWest On The Go:Regional Commuting Report

Transportation infrastructure and transit opportunities have long been a focus of the 495/MetroWest Partnership's work. As such, we are pleased to provide this report on the state of transportation in our region.  While we are still focused on the long term regional needs highlighted in our 2014 Top 10 Transportation Nightmares list, this report highlights the volume of commuters traveling to and from our region, and also shows the availability of Regional Transit Authorities (RTAs), and MBTA commuter rail lines.
Increasing the availability of and access to transit in our region, continues to be a priority for the Partnership.  This report details the current extent of the RTAs, which have expanded to include many additional communities since their founding, so that now almost all of our communities have access to an RTA.  The report also shows the three MBTA commuter rail lines that provide service to our region, along with game day service to Foxborough.
The regional report also shows two infographic maps representing the density of employees, and the average commute time for residents in each of our communities.  The data and analysis for these illustrations comes from the Public Policy Center at UMass Dartmouth using 2014 US Census Bureau Local Employment Statistics.
See link below to download this report

Download Regional Report Here

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