About the Region

Stretching along I-495 from Route 2 in the north to Route 1 in the south, the 495/MetroWest region is composed of 35 municipalities populated by more than 600,000 people.  From 2010 to 2015, the region has experienced a substantially higher rate of increase in total population at 6.91% when compared to the state at 3.77%.  The region gained approximately 71,777 people during that time.

The region boasts a high concentration of highly skilled residents, with 54.82% of those aged 25 or older holding a bachelor’s degree, while around 24% have also achieved a graduate or professional degree.

The region has a robust and diverse economy across several different employment sectors.  Beyond the corporate headquarters located here, including top firms like EMC, Sunovion, Bose, Staples, TJX, BJ’s Wholesale Clubs, and Boston Scientific, the region is home to a range of smaller companies and operations in nearly 107 million square feet of leasable office and industrial space.  With an approximately $23 billion annual payroll (one out of every 10 payroll dollars in the Massachusetts economy), the 495/MetroWest region’s economic strength and skilled workforce is critical to an economically vibrant Massachusetts.

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