Become an Investor

Investors in the 495/MetroWest Partnership demonstrate their commitment to strengthening our region, enabling the organization to deliver results for our communities, our residents, our natural resources, and our businesses.

The need for this work has never been more critical. This past year has brought challenges that have called for higher levels of leadership: change has been accelerated, assumptions have been questioned, and the need to prove both adaptability and resiliency has been paramount. The 495/MetroWest Partnership has risen to meet these challenges, quickly adapting to support all of our coalition elements as they respond to COVID-19, and turning our policy focus towards what will be needed for regional success in a post-pandemic world. Your investment can help ensure that the 495/MetroWest Partnership has the capacity to be the premiere coordinating force within our region, and an effective voice on its behalf at both the state and federal levels.

To become an investor, contact Executive Director Jason Palitsch at [email protected] or by phone at (774) 760-0495 x105.