About the Partnership

For years, the 495/MetroWest region has been an area primed for economic growth and development. However, despite the tantalizing opportunities presented by this area, it was frequently overlooked by policymakers throughout its history. As a result of the unease caused by this limited representation, a group of visionary regional leaders worked together to create the 495/MetroWest Partnership in 2003. As a dedicated public-private association, the Partnership is able to address all the sectors of need in the region, and act as an advocacy organization focused on economic development, transportation, and water supply issues that proliferate the 495/MetroWest Corridor. Since the creation of the organization, the Partnership has enjoyed a great variety of successes, and has become recognized by legislators as the true voice for a region crucial to the economy of the Commonwealth.

The 495/MetroWest Partnership has a clearly defined mission, incorporating numerous related objectives. The Partnership, through a unique public-private collaboration with businesses, municipalities, and other stakeholders, is the regional leader for creating an environment that prepares for and cultivates sustainable growth. We accomplish this by coordinating, educating, and advocating for solutions to regional constraints and limited natural resources.

The key priorities that the Partnership addresses within the 495/MetroWest region are separate and unique, but operate as part of an interrelated network of regional needs. All areas of concern are important, and each one must be addressed in order to achieve the goals envisioned by the Partnership.

Economic Development – Retain, grow, and attract employers to the region.

Workforce Housing – Advocate for diversified housing stock in all communities for a range of incomes.

Natural Resources – Develop best practices on sustainable water, energy, and natural resources.

Skilled Workforce – Retain and attract a skilled workforce to grow existing and new businesses.

Transportation – Ease the flow of goods and persons within, to, and from the region.

Organizational Sustainability – Increase recognition, financial support, awareness, and credibility of the Partnership.

The Partnership is governed by a board of directors that combines influential, dynamic individuals from both public and private sectors in the 495/MetroWest region. Control of the board is shared equally between co-chairmen, one each from the private and public spheres. The vice-chairs below them are apportioned in the same way. The board convenes quarterly to discuss any issues pertaining to the activities of the Partnership, as well as to discuss strategies for upcoming efforts.  State legislators have an important role as members of an exclusive advisory council, which helps provide the board with an indispensible auxiliary layer of counsel and support.

The Partnership’s Strategic Plan details the organization’s agenda moving forward.


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